This is the perfect dog coat for the working dog, or any dog that dislikes being cold and wet. Ideal for keeping out the wind, cold and rain, the Norma fleece is 100% rainproof and is machine washable. If your dog is already wet the Norma fleece is a great tool for drying his fur as it is made from best quality Polartec wicking fleece. Wicking materials are prized for their ability to convey moisture away from the skin and fur of the dog to the outer layer of the product. This dog coat features front sleeves, promoting a good fit and making it easy to put on and take off your pet. Allowing your dog comfortable, unrestricted movement, the absence of buckles and zips ensures that your dog is also comfortable lying down to rest and sleep. Indeed, many of these coats are used mainly to help keep dogs warm at night through the colder months of the year.

The Norma fleece is hand made to order and is available in many colours. Please see the measuring guide for the perfect fit.

The Norma